100% Wild und CrazyMoabit

Cruising in Klein Tiergarten

You will find cruising here. Activity in the park peaks at sunset regardless of the season. So in winter, even (or especially) if there is a thick layer of snow, you'll find some guys are getting dirty. The population includes turkish locals of all ages, that are closeted... They live in the neighborhood with wives and kids, but it doesn't stop them from paying a visit to the Kleintiergarten under the cover of darkness!


There are regular confidential events in Moabit, from FKK (naked) parties to binge drinking in the park... or even ping pong or simple getting together. The favourite locations for these evenings are the "Café der Kultur Fabrik" and the Arema Café and Restaurant and members also organise crazy events in there appartments


You can find the members of SchwulMoabit on GayRomeo and on our official facebook page if you want to know what goes on where and where, that's the way to go!

Local Heroes

Current contender for the title of Local Heroin is DJ Betty Bond who played at the first ever gay party in Moabit organised at the KulturFabrik!